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Getting Started With Triple S Workouts

Now that you have taken a look at  our class schedule, locations, and about the class you're ready to get started! There are just a few more steps to joining Triple S Workouts. You'll need to call us to reserve a spot (541) 337-3151. Class sizes are limited to give the best workout experience possible. We don't want you to miss a class just because it filled up before you got to the phone.


There are a few supplies you will need for class; a yoga mat, weights, and a wide fitness band. If you don't own a band or weights, some are available for rental during class for an extra charge of $1.00/item. Beginners should start with light weight 1-3 lbs. Please wear clean and comfortable workout attire and tennis shoes.


Before you call, you'll need to get into the mindset. Perhaps it's been a long time since you've worked out or perhaps it's part of your daily routine to workout.

If its been a while... remember that you are about to commit to a healthy new lifestyle and at first it's going to be a positive challenge. Do you have any injuries or chronic issues your instructor should be aware of?  If so, inform us when you call so we can make sure to help protect those painful problems during class. How has your nutrition been lately, it's not only important to drink enough water and eat healthy for your looks. When you start a new workout regime your body is going to have new needs to support the extra work it's doing and you don't want to burn out. You'll need to eat well to give enough energy for your new fitness lifestyle. Make sure to start focusing on eating regularly (about every 2-3 hours) healthy balanced meals with enough protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins to support your bodies needs, and don't forget lots of water. You should also remember that you are just starting out and it will take time, mistakes, and effort to get back to a healthier you.  

If working out is your daily routine... don't be an ego about it. You may workout all the time, however, you may not currently do anything like Triple S Workouts. This means going all out on your first class will make you very sore in new places. Pace yourself and be aware of areas that get less work in your daily routine. Those areas don't have to go into full force mode right away. Let your body build muscle over time to prevent strain and stress. Let your instructor know about any injuries or chronic issues and pace yourself. 


NOW is the time to make a quick phone call or book online and start your fitness journey with #teammuscle.



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